Bunk Loft Beds Instructions

Constructing bunk loft beds from home is so simple and it’s a great way to maximize your floor space, too! Loft beds are raised beds that allow you to have extra storage space underneath. The space under a full loft bunk bed can be used for a variety of different storage ideas such as, a desk, a closet, a futon, etc. Loft beds can cost anywhere from $1000 and up, so you’ll save so much money by building a loft bed, yourself. Read these easy-to-follow instructions to learn how you can build bunk and loft beds at home.

Before you begin constructing your loft study bunk bed, you’ll need to measure and gather the following hardware: measuring tape, lumber, wood screws, hammer, power drill and screwdriver. Also, if you plan to paint the loft bed you’ll need a can of paint and a paint brush. The most important aspect of building a loft bunk bed is to measure the area of the space where you’ll be building. As far as the lumber, you’ll need four posts; three pieces of lumber for the long part of the bed and eight support beams for the horizontal section. You’ll also need lumber to construct the ladder, as well. When measuring it’s best to measure 18″ from the ceiling for head room. To allow for extra head room, you’ll want to measure 24″ from the ceiling and have the lumber cut accordingly.

First, drill holes in the top of two posts about 6 – 12″ from the top of the post. Also drill 6 – 12″ from the bottom, as well. Lay the posts flat on the floor. Lay the platform between the two posts so that it lays on top of the starter holes and screw in place. Using the electric drill, drill holes in the remaining two posts.
For the next step, you’ll need to recruit someone to assist in raising the structure so that it’s standing upright. And immediately screw the remaining posts into the horizontal beams. Then, attach the top vertical beam with screws. Use the four short posts and attach with an electric drill to the outer side of the posts for support. Now, you can paint the frame any color you choose. Wait until the paint dries, insert the mattress and you’re done!

There are so many different options when constructing your loft bunk bed. Underneath the frame, you can put a desk to make a great workspace or you can install a slide or a tent if the bed is intended for a child’s room. You can also put a futon underneath your loft bed to allow for a great space for relaxing or watching TV or pull the futon out for extra sleeping room.

Building a full loft bunk bed is incredibly easy and it’s great for making a small room seem larger. Learn how to build bunk and loft beds to make the most of any small space. A loft study bunk bed can be used in a dorm room, home office or child’s room. Bunk loft beds are a great addition to any room, build one from home, today.

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